Wrong USER.EXE and nothing working...

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sun Oct 19 12:07:56 CDT 2003

James wrote:
> Hi folks!
>                                 History
> I installed Wine from RH 8.0 CDs and got a few things working. I
> downloaded an updated version around Mar/Apr this year and installed
> that (RPMs) okay, although one of the applications I had working no
> longer worked. No biggie. Wine is cool, so I carried on using it for a
> few things.
>                                   Now
> I just downloaded and installed (RPMs) the 16th October version, and now
> nothing that I ever got working will start! In fact, it's more
> fundamental than that ... notepad, for example, doesn't even work.

It sounds like you did not uninstall the original RH version of Wine. It 
might be a bit tricky to uninstall at this point. One possibility is to 
get the RH CD, and do an "rpm -qlp winepackage.rpm" to find out all the 
files it installed, and try deleting them. You likely will end up 
deleteing some files from the current package so you might have to force 
install it again.

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