Missing DLLs & More (was Re: Newbie with major problems)

J. Silverman oghistorian at msn.com
Thu Jan 8 11:49:37 CST 2004

Hi Ivan and All,

Before receiving your email, I tried a reinstall and told wineinstall to 
create its own windows directory instead of using my NTFS XP partition.  I 
tried Notepad again and it worked very well.  I then proceeded to install 
other programs, but some installs keep complaining about missing dlls.  I 
have both a windows 95 and 98 install cds that I could use to get dlls off 
of, but how do I do that?  Also, what dlls are recommended to get off these 

Besides this issue, I am also experiencing an issue with the default font (I 
tried changing it in the config file, but it did nothing to change this 
problem).  Check out this screenshot of AIM:


The font of all the menus/etc. is extremely hard to read, and I know that 
isn't normal for windows.  Is there a way to change this?

Thanks for all the help!  I appreciate it very much since I am very new to 
the program.

J Silverman

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From: "Ivan Leo Murray-Smith" <puoti at inwind.it>
To: "wine-users" <wine-users at winehq.com>
Subject: Re: Newbie with major problems
Date: Thu,  8 Jan 2004 14:35:58 +0100

Please try the RPMs on my web site. They are specially designed for linux 
The use of a real or fake win partition is a run time setting, it has 
nothing to
do with compile.
Uninstall wine, install my wine RPM, then open your KDE/Gnome/whatever menu, 
to Applications>Emulators>Wine and click on Wine Setup, it will start a
configuration tool that will guide you through the configuration of wine. 
choose the overwrite option when prompted.


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