cdrom permissions

Bruce Scharlau bruce at
Wed Mar 3 16:54:09 CST 2004

Hi all,

I'm new to wine and am trying to get some of the kid's (3 and 8) old win95 
games up and running for them to avoid having to find space for yet aother 
box in the house. Matchbox Emergency Rescue got going ok, but a sesame street 
one doesn't want to get beyond the splashscreen menu. 

The Mattel one installs and runs from the hd and uses data on the cdrom, while 
the sesame street one runs from the cdrom with nothing on the hd apart from 
an icon. I'm wondering if this is the problem with the app as it tries to 
open 'street.scr' on the cdrom but fails. The permissions on both cdroms are 
r-xr-xr-x and should be ok even though they belong to root. Is there a way to 
get around this sort of situation. I'm loath to try putting the whole thing 
on the hd as this will eat up space like nobody's business as it holds small 
movies, etc and if I do it for one, then ... well you know the rest. 'Dad, 
why can't I get this one to run too...'

Any ideas greatly appreciated.



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