ALSA and an intel i8x0/SiS SI7012 sound card

Rick Knight rick at
Tue Mar 16 11:41:36 CST 2004

Michael Graham wrote:

>I've been try to get sound in wine (20040121) working on my machine for
>while now. As you've probably guessed I've got a SiS 7012 (which uses
>the intel i8x0 modules) and alsa (either natively or OSS emulation.)
>google came up with a few hits about this not working in the past,
>But I'm not sure if this is still relevant.
>Does anyone know if it's possible to get sound with this arrangement?
>p.s. please CC me as I'm not subscribed.

I have an Intel MB with the i8x0 on-board sound. I tried for about 4 
weeks to get sound working with ALSA and Wine (for a couple of games) 
and was never able to. ALSA worked fine for Linux only stuff but not for 
Wine. I finally dumped ALSA and installed the kernel OSS driver, 
i810_audio, and everything works now. I would prefer to use ALSA, but I 
want to be able to get sound in my Wine apps so, for now, no ALSA.

If you find a solution, please post here.

Rick Knight
(rick at

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