Problem with CloneCD :-)

David Jones gnome at
Fri May 7 01:45:06 CDT 2004

pvriens at wrote:
> Hi,
> just out of curiosity I was trying to install the latest CloneCD trial
> version on the latest Wine from CVS.
> The problem I'm seeing is that CloneCD writes an entry to the registry:
> \\HKLM\\System\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\ElbyCDIO
> with underneath (amongst others):
> ImagePath(REG_EXPAND_SZ) : System32\Drivers\ElbyCDIO.sys
> When I run CloneCD it tries to start this 'service':
> - the registry is opened and ImagePath is read (OK)
> - then StartServiceA is called -> StartServiceW -> ... ->
> ExpandEnvironmentStringsW and the ImageValue is passed back (OK)
> - now StartServiceW tries to start the service
> 'System32\\Drivers\\ElbyCDIO.sys' (WRONG)
> I don't know the windows behaviour but I suspect that we should try to
> start the service as %WINDIR%\\<the ImagePath value>
> I'm running the 'wine CloneCD.exe' from the installation path of CloneCD.
> I'm facing more problems than this one, and probably will never use
> CloneCD on Linux but the behaviour is not correct in my opinion.
> Any ideas/remarks ?

It's trying to use a Windows-specific hardware driver, a VxD. Those 
cannot work under WINE because they're trying to talk directly with the 
hardware, which the Linux OS doesn't allow. Considering the many times 
I've had Windows crash because of flakey device drivers (even WindowsXP 
Pro!), I happen to agree with the way Linux treats Windows.

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