[Wine]Worms Armageddon: cant open Worms Armageddon folder on fake ../drive_c/Team17/Worms Armageddon

Robert Morgan robert_ at ihug.co.nz
Mon Sep 6 18:29:24 CDT 2004

Hi, this is my first attempt at using Wine.
After installing wine I tried to install Worms Armageddon with

wine e:/Install/install.exe

at first I got a lot of....

fixme:ntdll:FILE_GetNtStatus Converting errno 38 to STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL

around 50 lines, then the installer appeared and I installed as on
windows except to c:/Team17 rather than program files. I then went
looking for the WA.exe file /drive_c/Team17/Worms Armageddon but I
cannot open the Worms Armageddon directory...

[root at jekyll Team17]# cd Worms Armageddon
-bash: cd: Worms: No such file or directory

The spelling and case are correct have even cut and paste (no white
space) without success.So obviously something didn't go right with the

RH 9.0
Latest wine release.

any help appreciated


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