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michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com michael at cherryblossom.homelinux.com
Mon Sep 6 20:07:44 CDT 2004

On Mon, Sep 06, 2004 at 04:21:43PM -0700, M-Halo wrote:
> >As they say, RTFM.
> Just a million pennys worth of advice: with Wine
> bridging the gap between Windows users and Linux
> users, that saying (while still relevant) will
> probably become less desirable to tell people. ;)

Thanks for the advice.
> So, as people come in from the Windows world, we're

Eh heh.  I just came in from the Windows world last December or last
fall, and I've already started the RTFM junk.  I'm too impatient,
sleep-deprived, and self-taught.  Sorry!

> going to have to be a bit more patient with them, and
> in fact, have to help them take those baby steps. 

I always thought that's what Red Hat, Corel and SuSe installers and
Linux Idiots and Dummies books were for, but...

> Otherwise, they're get turned off by the Linux
> community and choose to go back the Windows world. 

That brings in the concept introduced by QEMU and the like - a Windows
world inside Linux.  *shrugs*  Problem is, nowadays, 70 or 80% of
Windows users have never seen a text-mode console (especially now that
it's so well hidden in XP) and 5-30 % or so would have problems figuring
out the Linux (i.e. ext2/3) filesystem structure, lack of MS-DOS
shortforms for long names (i.e substuting an 8 character string for a
256 character one), and case sensitivity.  (Those would be easer though,
for people who post onto Unix/Linux based web servers, since they have
experience putting files on such a system.)  Others don't know what to
do when they see even the most simplest errors, or want to read
documentation on a new system.  *sigh*  The problems of human nature...

If we had 50% of people running Windows inside QEMU or similar inside
Linux, would we be able to say that these people ran Linux?

> Yes, the saying is still relevant, but it is a bit
> harsh. :)

Do you think we need to rewrite the acronym RTFM? I dunno, like saying,
something kind, simple and short along the lines of "Have you read the

Some windows users also have problems sometimes with people being "nice"
to them -- customer support and user support groups tell them redundant
things that they already know and/or have tried 100 times just so they
can say they tried.  I had that issue.  Once, I had trouble connecting
to a couple sites through my ISP -- it turned out to be some bad DNS
caching in a file locally on my machine, but I kept trying the same
things for about a year or two (reinstall Windows DUN) with no results
before it got resolved.

> Peace out,
> Hiji
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Again, sorry, and whoops.
--Michael Chang

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