[Wine]Re: SanDisk Flash Drive error

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sun Apr 24 18:30:29 CDT 2005

Cameron MacDonald wrote:
> Hi all- I'm trying to use a SanDisk Cruzer Micro flash drive (usb, 
> 512MB). It has CruzerLock version 2.0 Security software in it. When 
> I plug it in, it is recognized OK. When I open the drive, I have a 
> file to open: CruzerLock2.exe. It has the Wine icon. But when I 
> click on it, I get:
> CLZ1020: cannot locate the application in it's required location:
> Z:\securdatastorrm\files\securdatastorexe

I assume it is actually at something like:
or some such.

Try going to your ~/.wine/dosdevices directory and creating a link 
something like:
ln -s /mnt/flash y:
Put what the path is to your flash.

> That's how it is printed. Any idea what this means?  I know that 
> SanDisk flash drives aren't supposed to work on Linux boxes (so says 
> SanDisk), but there is always a way around, isn't there?

Hmm... the flash is mounting under Linux, right? You just want to use 
the Security software? You can always encrypt data before putting it on 
the flash, if that is your goal.

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