[Wine]clobbered config file

Henri Girard henrigirard at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 12 05:10:38 CST 2005

Thanks and sorry for so less information...
I try to explain : I compile or I use wine on fc3 rpms (DAG ones)
version 14xx, 19xx no too much problems... I mean i succeeded running
what i need (sinequanon.exe a french geometric apps in delphi) and
win32povray. with the 1xx version i didn't get the french accent... So i
winetools to load fonts... i cp winetools in /usr/local/winetools as
and made the links... When i try to use wt with the menu it download and
base win... But i have failure message... I guess the mistake i make is
working as root
but as i don't fear "security" i have nothing on my linux which can be
i prefer working as root... But compiling with wineinstall need to have a
And i install rpms as root... so i got "mess".... between user and root
I found the fonts so i installed them... and I installed 19xx wine... But i
run povray anymore... setup is good but when running says it has a bug
well I just use wine for fun and to test it and eventually communicate my
with the list if it can be of any use because i think it's a good project
(thanks a lot all wine team by the way !)
But if i can make it run like the 14xx i had, was great with povray (i could
even install friedrichs pov menu )
after finding the problem with fonts...
Improving is nice, regressing less ! lol
Kind regards

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> Am Mi, Jan 12, 2005 at 10:11:58 +0100 schrieb Henri Girard:
> > I don't know why but each time i used winetools my wine is "out"...
> What does that mean, 'my wine is "out"'? As it is there to help you
> install typical Windows software it is definitely there to improve your
> Wine. So what exactly is the problem? Perhaps I can be of any help.
> Regards
> Joachim
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