[Wine]Re: Specific Font with wine

Mickael R m.ruellan at free.fr
Fri Jul 22 07:31:04 CDT 2005

Gregory L. Harris wrote:
>>Maybe Wine IS picking up the fonts, but your
>>application isn't.  Try seeing if your fonts were
>>recognized by other applications.  Also, make sure you
>>don't have any running Wine process going in the
>>background before make a config change (this includes
>>adding fonts) because new changes usually won't take
>>effect until a new instance of Wine is started.
> I think the problem is that the bit-mapped fonts from Windows (i.e. *.fon) are not going to be
> handled under Wine just by copying the files or checking a configuration setting. It will take
> more effort than the vector fonts (TrueType and Postscript) that are sufficient for most
> applications.
> See http://www.winehq.org/site/docs/wine-user/config-fonts-main
> Having not done this myself in a long time, I can't tell you whether the documentation is
> still accurate or those procedures will work. HTH.
> Greg Harris

Thanks to all.

I think like you Greg. Bit-mapped fonts are not handled correctly in 
Wine. True Type fonts is not a problem.

I've done the procedure on the winehq website but it seems to not 
working for me !

I tried to convert .fon file into TTF file but I didn't found anything 
about this.

I think I'm going to create a TTF file like my .FON file !
With this it will be ok.

Thanks to all for your help on Wine.


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