[Wine]Cannot see Direct3D options in winecfg Graphics tab?

Chris Rankin rankincj at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 26 02:59:18 CDT 2005


I have just compiled Wine CVS on my P3 and dual P4 Linux boxes, and have been examining the
settings in winecfg. However, I have noticed that the Graphics tab on my P3 machine has options
for Direct3D, whereas on my dual P4 it does not. Both machines are running Linux with
XOrg 6.8.2, and have both DRI enabled and working Xv support. Both machines also have the d3d
shared objects compiled in /usr/local/lib/wine.

Can anyone think of a reason why the Direct3D options are not displayed on my dual P4 box, please?
I have tried copying over both the P3 box's registry files and its winecfg executable, and still
haven't had any success. I am therefore concluding that there is something about my P4 box's
configuration that is making winecfg choose not to display the Direct3D bits. (Not that I've
learnt anything from the resource file or code, though. I can't find anything that enables or
disables the Direct3D GroupBox.)

Any help greatly appreciated,

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