[Wine]Re: Starting Linux apps from Windows app (was: Re: wine & mime types)

Rainer Hochreiter rainer at hochreiter.at
Mon May 9 05:52:19 CDT 2005

On Thu, 05 May 2005 21:17:31 -0300, penna wrote:

hi penna,

(hope this is correct)

> OK, It's possible and works very fine when you right-click at the 
> document. See below.
> I did the following 2 steps:

i followed your instructions regarding pdf and everything works
fine! great hint - thanks a lot!

>         I already have system.reg entries for various extensions (DOC, 
> SXW, XLS, SXC, ZIP, HTM, JPG, etc) and their respectives "executables". 
>         You have to be careful with some tricks like the $TMP and $TMPDIR 
> that are modified by wine. 

i am very interested in such entries to - especially in
office-like entries, which allow me to use open-office for
m$ attachments!

one technical question:
what are these "magic" numbers behind the registry keys?

>         You can have lots of informations if you put at the end of the 
> "executable" script an entry like: "env >> $LOG" to see the environment 
> variables and anything you like.
>         If this helps I'd like to know because we can exchange new 
> "executables" for other extensios (mimes)/entries.
>         One more tip for lotus notes. You can also modify your browser
> settings in order to start a linux browser when you get a HTTP link at
> the email. My notes is in portuguese (brazilian) so I'm figuring out the
> path/location of the parameters in english .... you have to choose (at
> the right side at the end of the notes window) something like:
> Office->Edit current->Internet browser. At the "internet browser" choose
> "Other" and then navigate through the file system in order to find the
> "mozilla.exe" shell script below (put it somewhere else). There is no
> need for a system.reg entry.

thanks for the mozilla tip also, but i have already configured
to use firefox as internet browser!

>         I have a more sofisticated script. If you want, please let me
> know.

what kind of script do you mean? a more mozilla sophisticated script?

Rainer Hochreiter
Email: rainer at hochreiter.at

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