[Wine] Halflife / Counterstrike (using Steam) does not work.

Florianx at gmx.net Florianx at gmx.net
Mon Nov 21 17:50:34 CST 2005

I'm using Gentoo Linux and Wine 0.9.1.
I had no problem to install Steam, but Halflife and it's Mods like CS doesn't 
work. After starting the game through Steam, the background image appears, 
but there are no menu entrys and the App didn't reponse anymore. If I 
minimize CS and maximize it again, the background didn't get repainted. When 
having virtual desktop disabled and cs windowed, the background didn't even 
appears. When having virtual desktop disabled and cs fullscreen, the 
background is painted, but the other windows of my desktop are painted in 
fornt of it. I also tried sofware rendering, but this changed nothing.
Has someone an idea what to do?


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