[Wine] Wow, patching and installing wine

Legine legine.wine at web.de
Fri Aug 18 09:35:32 CDT 2006

I played WoW over wine from the start. Which is over a year.
>From experience we had serious wow breakage twice. They were fixed quite
I think I was unable to play wow for 2 weeks in the hole time I play
WoW, which I do from the beginning. That would be 1 month on US servers?
Not sure how much in advance they get the patches.

For me thats save enough. I do not have wow installed accessible from
Windows these days (I think since Version 1.5 or 1.6 I dono anymore).
Since I make strong use of softlinks to install the addons I use. (It is
working great!!!)

Mac is based on BSD. Search for Darwin, it is an Open Sourced Mac, but
can not run all Mac software. (Wikipedia is a good ressource on Mac History)
And there for there are some differnecies between Mac and Linux. A port
is rumored but not done yet.
My opinion is that Blizzard does not see enough revenue to spend a lot
into a Linux Product. Dont forget that they would want to build Linux
support like they have for windows and Mac. And they would need to
expand their forums for another OS.
But Blizzard is well aware of wine and the only thing they say about is
that they do not support it in the techsupport center but do allow the
usage of it.

It is even rumored that there actually was a Linux Version in Beta, but
I know no one that actually has it. It wasnt
there when I joined the beta in the last phase.

If you do a grep on WoW.exe for the string Linux you will find positive
results, what that means is not in my grasp of knowledge...

Now you know all Id do know on the Facts. Hope that helps.

Dennis Neumeier schrieb:
>> Wine does not need any patches to install WoW correctly.  You only need to
>> patch Wine to run WoW if you have an nVidia card; if you have an ATI one,
>> you don't need any patches for Wine at all.
> Ah... I should have read through all the lines at 
> http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iVersionId=5109 - then I qould have read 
> the point that the patch is only needed for nvidia-users... Sorry!
>> You never need to re-install WoW, and you only need to compile/patch Wine
>> if you want to use the newest Wine version all the time.
> Well, that could be an issue, I think. As Blizzard can change code of WoW as 
> they like, wine can then be one step behind. And then, it might be necessary 
> to patch wine to get WoW running correctly again, I guess. 
> This seems important to me, because if this really happens, some people (like 
> me) do think about installing a Windows just for playing games then. On the 
> other side, there's one point which seems quite interesting to me: Most of 
> the games nowadays can be installed on Windows and Mac. Now, what about this 
> Mac story? As far as I know, the modern MacOS are based on Unix, so is it 
> really that difficult for developers to make a linux port of the game?
> Greets,
> Dennis
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