[Wine] Problem on installing MS VM on wine

Stephen Liu satimis at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 20 23:12:02 CDT 2007

Hi L. Rahyen,

Thanks for your information.

> <research at science.su> wrote:

> On Wednesday August 15 2007 15:51, L. Rahyen wrote:
> > 	OK, tomorow I will try clean ies4linux install with msjava and
> will (try
> > to) write step-by-step and easy-to-follow howto.
> 	This wasn't simple... I have working msjava installation in my
> ies4linux 
> folder but I cannot reproduce this with clean ies4linux installation
> even if 
> I use same native overrides. Currently I suppose the difference is in
> the 
> registry and some related files but this is too much for
> "step-by-step and 
> easy-to-follow howto" so I will write a script specifically for doing
> msjava 
> installation with WINE as an "replacement" for native msjava
> installer. Yeah, 
> this is somewhat similar to winetricks script (however with different
> approach and therefore different internal design) but for msjava
> only.
> 	I need a little more time. I think on this weekend I will find
> enough free 
> time to write such script so (hopefully) everyone will be able to
> install 
> msjava with WINE. I will try to write the script with possibility to
> use 
> either clean WINE or WINE with ies4linux (or any other WINEPREFIX you
> want).
> 	Hopefully during this process I will able to make useful bugreport
> so at some 
> day WINE will be able to install msjava without any helper script.
> But for 
> now, workaround is better than nothing...

Appreciated for your hard working in supporting us.  I'm watching the
emails of the mailing list daily.

Stephen Liu

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