[Wine] Turning off Wine Applications menu integration

Karl Lattimer karl at wine-doors.org
Sun Feb 18 02:36:16 CST 2007

Hi there,

I've recently noticed that wine now has a desktop menu integration,
however it follows exactly the windows menu layout and this is annoying.
The problem with this IMHO is that windows menus are a sprawling mess,
this is part of the reason the freedesktop.org standard for desktop
menus was established in the first place. Having to walk a long set of
menus to get to what you want takes time and is a big hit to the
usability of the desktop. For instance going Applications -> Wine ->
Programs -> Macromedia -> Dreamweaver is a bit of a long trip of any
user. Isn't it better to use the method layed out by FDO and walk
Applications -> Programming -> Dreamweaver 

It also interferes quite a bit with the SLAB Main Menu which I believe
will be introduced into Gnome 2.18 as the default.  

Is there any way to turn off these desktop menus? I believe (from a
usability point of view) there _SHOULD_ be an option in wine config
under desktop integration.

Kind Regards,
 Karl Lattimer

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