[Wine] TurboTax Home & Business 2006

steve.alexander stevea at adelphia.net
Wed Feb 21 09:05:41 CST 2007

I'm a Wine newbie.  I tried to install Turbotax and have gotten part way 
to the goal.   Perhaps someone can advise me how to continue.

My attempt to install (on FC6) involved starting the CD's setup.exe 
and/or autorun.exe.

Install shield reports (and still does) that it cannot find or display 
the "license" file, but this does not stop the installation.

Initially InstallShield reported that some routines in "CustControls" 
were not present, causing failure.    I found that CustControls.dll was 
present in the ~/.wine/.../temp/{...} directory.  Copying this to 
~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 resolved this problem.  Note that many 
native Win95 TurboTax installers report this same problem, however I 
have chosen Win2000 emulation.

Installshield reports (every time) that IE6 is not installed (I do have 
an IE6 installed under wine) and insists that I allow it to install 
IE6.  Not a show-stopper.

The installation then proceeds for a considerable time, but eventually 
Installshield starts throwing up pop-ups asking that I identify the 
drive which contains a file like 
(d:32bit\local\dlg\really_big_file_name.htm).    From examining the cd 
it appears that the cd file names are truncated at around 30 characters 
(26.3) , but the Installshield program is seeking files by their full 
name.  To solve this problem I copied the entire CD to my hard-disk, 
re-assigned drive "D:" to be  the hard-disk directory and re-started the 
installation.   When each popup appears (perhaps 25 in all) I copied the 
file with truncated name to it full name (cp 
32bit\local\dlg\really_big_file_name.htm) and click "OK" to D: in the 
popup.  The installation then completes with no further problems.

When I go to exectute TurboTax (it leaves a nice icon on the desktop.   
It reports, "TurboTax reports an error during the installation or 
registration of the required MSXML 3 component.  Continue ?".  Selecting 
"yes" slowly brings up the familiar TurboTax frame, but the interior 
window window contains only a message like "Cannot Render HTML".    I 
found  (using: strace wine .../Ttax.exe) that TurboTax is attempting to 
test (stat64) the presence of several .dlls using upper & lower case in 
the names:
0x34f048) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
I so I did
    cd ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32
    cp msxml3.dll MSXML3.dll
    cp msxml3r.dll MSXML3r.dll
    cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/TurboTax/Home & Business 2006/32bit
    cp MSXML3.EXE MSXML3.exe
    cp ../../../../windows/system32/MSXML3* .

Now all the strace problems of not finding msxml* files have gone away, 
but the same error message about not installing or registering "MSXML 3" 
still appears on startup.


I expect there a re simple answers to
How can I overcome the 30 character name limit on CD (iso9660) ?
How can I overcome the upper/lower case problems w/ the app looking for 
FOO.exe rather than foo.exe ?

Any guidance on outstanding problem ?


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