[Wine] Re: Toshiba's ConfigFree under Wine?

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Mon Mar 19 00:47:50 CDT 2007

Sylvain Robitaille <syl at alcor.concordia.ca> wrote:
> I have been trying to install Toshiba's ConfigFree software under
> Wine-0.9.21 (Adam Schreiber's pre-built package For Slackware-10.2) on a
> laptop running Slackware Linux (10.2), and I keep running into trouble.

I _may_ be mistaken on this, but I highly doubt that wine implements the
windows interfaces to configure network cards, those being hardware
related and not part of the Win32 API AFAIK.
Do you really want to install a software just to see if it installs?

> I have made sure to run winecfg before starting, so I think I should be
> ready to go.  The installer ("setup.exe") starts, and the dialog boxes
> appear to respond as expected, until at one point an error box shows up
> with the message "Failed to install a protocol."  I'm unable to find any
> evidence that any part of the software was installed.

Should you really want to go on, downgrade to 0.9.20 (0.9.21 is
considered buggy) and provide the output from a WINEDEBUG=+trace run.


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