[Wine] OpenGL and Wine on iMac/OS X (x86)

FallenOne_ at gmx.de FallenOne_ at gmx.de
Mon Mar 19 00:55:27 CDT 2007


first of all - sorry for my bad english.

I need some help building wine on my x86 mac. I don't have any
problems building it using the description on "WineHQ.org" but i have
problems editing the script enabling D3D / OpenGL support

Building Wine i receive the following warning message indicating that
D3D / OpenGL support is disabled:

"configure: WARNING: Wine will be build without OpenGL or Direct3D
configure: WARNING: because something is wrong with the OpenGL setup:
configure: WARNING: No OpenGL"

Is there any way enabling this 3D support?

I also tried the CrossOver application from codeweavers but this did
not solve my problems as using this application i'm not able to
connect to the internet when i try to run my application. As far as i
know within "CrossOver" there is D3D and OpenGL support but i didn't
manage to execute the application needing the D3D functionality as it
also needs access to the internet

Running the same application on Wine 0.9.31 i get tht access to the
internet but no D3D. The failure message raised by this application
normaly can be solved rebuilding Wine (on Linux it runs perfect) but
as far as i know there is a different access to the grafic hardware on
Linux and OS X.

Is there any possibility to ether enable D3D on Wine or allowing
applications accessing to the internet using CrossOver

The application i try to run is "GuildWars" (mmorg)

Thanks for your answer

As i'm a windows application programmer (and don't know much about
OpenGL programming and the grafical interface of aqua/apples os x) is
there any way to support the evolution of Wine for OS X using
manpower / how to join the Wine team and where to get the knowledge
from to be able to support/join the team?

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