[Wine] How to set default font and the subsititution font?

Song Zhiwei songzw at ustc.edu
Wed May 23 21:00:46 CDT 2007

There are three fonts in c:\windows\fonts:
stxingkai.ttf simsun.ttf and simyou.ttf

If an application does not specify a font, then
stxingkai.ttf is loaded in it to display the text.
If I remove the stxingkai.ttf from c:\windows\fonts
then it use simyou.ttf to display text. If I remove
simyou.ttf again then it use simsun.ttf. But you
know, I hope the simsun.ttf is the first choice.

Then the first problem is How to set the default
font in wine?

Actually, I hope the font "Tahoma" as the default
font for ascii and simsun.ttf as the default font
for chinese words.

Then the second problem is How to set the
substitution font of a font? If the encoding of a
char is not in the range of the encoding of the
font, then the substitution font is loaded. If I
set "Tahoma" as the default font and simsun.ttf as
the substitution font of "Tahoma", then wine can
show acsii via "Tahoma" and chinese words via
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