[Wine] Re: forcing codepage for non-unicode apps

alex.d at hushmail.com alex.d at hushmail.com
Thu May 24 03:32:46 CDT 2007

Hi. I think I may have a different, separate problem. From reading 
WINEDEBUG=+nls logs, it looks like my problem is similar to 
described in this bug:


I.e. it seems to ignore LC_ALL=ru_RU at all and in the log I see 
function calls like MultiByteToWideChar with cp 1252 (should be cp 
1251 to get what I need). 

The bug No 7571 (Lotus notes) seems to be something font choice or 
rendering related, right? And in my case I think it doesn't even 
get as far as font rendering, I think it already works incorrectly 
when translating non-unicode characters to unicode.

BTW, on another machine, with an older wine (0.9.12) I got an app 
to properly display Russian characters running it as

LC_ALL=ru_RU wine app

, but at home with wine 0.9.36 LC_ALL=ru_RU seems to do nothing at 
all. But maybe it's even some locale setup problem on my end, in 
previous days I had no time to research it better, I plan to work 
some more on it on weekend.

On Wed, 23 May 2007 17:56:48 +0000 "Pedro Araujo Chaves Jr." 
<inckie at gmail.com> wrote:
>Your issue looks exactly like what we have here with Lotus Notes 
>With some invaluable help from Dmitry (thanks!), I have just sent 
>patch [1] for bug #7571 [2] to Wine's bugzilla. Could you please 
>it and see if it works for you?
>[1] http://bugs.winehq.org/attachment.cgi?id=6411&action=view
>[2] http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7571

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