[Wine] 0.9.49 Battlefield 1942 and Patch 1.6.19 help for debugging

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Nov 14 15:17:17 CST 2007

On Wednesday November 14 2007 12:52, fgunni at freenet.de wrote:
> Hi, my first post on the list.
> First of all: Thank you.
> Battlefield 1942 now installs on wine without the need of any
> NoCD-Patch/Crack. The first time in the last years i was able to run it.
> The only option i had to choose was virtual desktop, but maybe that has to
> do with my dualmonitor setup.
> Now to the question:
> I installed Patch 1.6.19 for Battlefield, installation went fine, but after
> that starting the game wont work, without any error message. How can i
> maybe get more infos on why the crash occurs, to help getting rid of that
> error? I tried winedbg, but i dont know how to handle it and there seems to
> be no option "--auto" in my version.

	I assume you are using recent WINE release. If so, try this:

mv ~/.wine{,.backup}
wine setup.exe
cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Games/My_Game
wine game.exe

	Where "setup.exe" is game' installer, "Games/My_Game" is where it was 
installed in drive_c, "game.exe" is game' main executable.
	Please note that it is *important* to cd to the directory with the game 
executalbe! Many Windows programs (including games) assume that you run them 
this way and will not work otherwise.

	If your game still doesn't work then please fill bug report at 
http://bugs.winehq.org . Please note that most developers don't read this 
list so it is really important to report bugs at http://bugs.winehq.org if 
you want to get your bug fixed.

	Thank you for using WINE.

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