[Wine] 3D accelleration and Intel 940/945GM/GMS/GML

Markus Hitter mah at jump-ing.de
Sat Nov 24 18:00:53 CST 2007

Am 24.11.2007 um 16:01 schrieb JusTiCe8:

> Markus Hitter wrote:
>> Recently I tried with a huge app (Catia) with bad results.
>> However, it should be possible to run 3D graphics which depends  
>> solely
>> on Window's built in OpenGL capabilities. Unfortunately, I couldn't
>> find a reasonable small app not depending on specific hardware so  
>> far.
>> Do you know one, preferably downloadable (demo version would be  
>> fine)?
> Don't understand what you mean by "which depends solely on Window's
> built in OpenGL capabilities", AFAIK developpers would/should use
> DirectX or openGL standard API which implementation use 3D hardware  
> (the
> "good" old time when developpers use direct hardware registers for  
> hack
> was definitly end).

Obviously, developers make assumptions about or check for specific  
hardware as Catia reports "no certified OpenGL implementation found"  
in Wine and oZone3D reports "No OpenGL 2.0 found" in Wine as well as  
in Windows.

> Any 3D app/game demo or not should be enough to test, right ?

Likely I could find one but if you know one already I could save a  
few hours.


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