[Wine] Team Fortress 2 (Half Life 2) trouble

Dean Hamstead dean at fragfest.com.au
Thu Sep 20 16:26:30 CDT 2007

i assume other GL games work?

it could be your video card or card drivers?


darckness wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been in #winehq all day with this and nobody seemed to have any
> ideas, so I figured I'd post here.
> I recently installed TF2, which is an official HL2 mod.  No problems
> with installation.  The problem is that when I launch the game itself,
> it crashes almost immediately and I get the error in the attached log
> (made using WINEDEBUG=+tid,+seh,+loaddll,+d3d,+d3d_shader,+d3d9).  Thus
> far I've tried using a native shdocvw.dll and registering it, and this
> had no effect on the crash.
> I started off using version 0.9.45, but downgraded to 0.9.41 for
> further testing, and both had the exact same error.
> I'm certain that this game can be run fairly easily with wine because
> there is a video on youtube of someone playing this game on ubuntu
> using wine.
> If you need different debug options for logging let me know and I'll
> send them asap.
> Thanks in advance.
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