[Wine] Re: help a newbie; X (font?) error with "gold" app?

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 19 12:54:52 CDT 2008

LazyBoy wrote:
> I can't tell from your post if you got language files with your downloader or not.  If you select a language on the page you pointed to, the downloader you get installs that language (free) along with the app.  Did you do that or did you get an installer without checking a language?
> I suspect that neither the downloader nor the app hit the parts of their code that need msvcp71.dll if you have no language files.
> Thanks,
> LB

I did get the language files with the downloader--that was precisely my point about the fonts: without the language files selected at download, it doesn't work properly. I tested downloaders for Portuguese and Japanese. Both work fine--the downloader itself installs the needed runtimes.  If the downloader is not installing everything you need (other than native riched), then perhaps the problem is that you are using 1.0; as I mentioned, I am using 1.1.1.

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