[Wine] Band in a Box 2008 with Ubuntu through wine?

Peter L Jones gmane at drealm.info
Tue Jun 3 12:49:59 CDT 2008


1) Have you tried running the program from the command line and seeing what the
error is?

2) Does BiaB have any driver requirements?  If so, have you configured WINE to
meet them?

Have fun!

-- Peter

Bear wrote:
> I am really getting into my new Ubuntu Hardy Heron software but wondered if
> any music lovers amongst you could give me some advice? I heavily use Band
> in a Box 2008 on the XP side of my machine and have tried to install it,
> through the wine emulator so I can use it in Ubuntu. I could then, more or
> less, abandon the XP side on a 90% basic. Something I would very much like
> to do. Unfortunately BB 2008 is not "coming up" when I click on the wine,
> programs, band in a box icon. It "thinks about it " for a while and then the
> cursor becomes normal again and nothing happens .I have no idea why because
> it was installed through the wine emulator. I hope someone might be able to
> help?
> Thanks in anticipation,
> Bear. [Crying or Very sad]

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