[Wine] Problems compiling git under OS X

Zach Drayer zach at drayer.name
Sun Nov 23 01:44:39 CST 2008

On Nov 22, 2008, at 8:39 AM, fuori wrote:

> Right.. So is it possible to use Xfree or Xorg instead of Apple's  
> version?
If you compile on your own, then you can get it to work fine.

> I don't really get what $PATH has got to do with the libraries -  
> $PATH contains information on where to find executables, doesn't  
> it..? I will try to remove the libpaths from $DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH,  
> though, and try compiling again, so thanks for the heads-up.
er, thats what i meant. Sorry about that one..

> I still won't be able to get RA3 to work, though, as OpenGL doesn't  
> work, right..?
Not unless you compile X.org on your own.

> I did try installing wine using MacPorts, as mentioned above,  
> although I do need the devel package as the current stable release  
> won't let me play RA3, will it?
You should try the latest version before older ones if possible.

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