[Wine] Re: Using Linux Virtual Midi with WINE does not work

dirkmitt wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 28 13:05:37 CST 2008

After I read your post this morning, I did a test of my Wine version (1.1.9), which does misbehave from time to time, but this time just to see whether my MIDI works. And I found, that for the moment it did not work.

But then I also did some Linux-side troubleshooting, and found out that even my Linux program "KMid" would not produce sound, because my own "Tiimidity" server had locked up.

Long story short, by restarting my own Tmidity server, I found I was able to get my own Wine-MIDI interface working again, such that "Noteworthy Composer" plays correctly. Thus, I concluded that on the surface, using the ALSA Wine drivers, getting MIDI to work is possible.

But this does not mean, to upgrade to version 1.1.9 of Wine immediately, because just doing these upgrades may in fact just expose you to regressions.

If I could make a guess: You meed to be very sure of exactly which "Virtual MIDI" kernel modules you have loaded, because the kernel modules named along with "Virtual MIDI" can mean different things. One of them is a module, which just sends MIDI sequences to its port, to the hardware MIDI output of the sound card. Even if you have no sound font loaded. While another one has to do with USB-MIDI-Cables. And another definition for 'Virtual MIDI' has to do with the Virtual Controllers for pitch, amplitude and so on, of which there are many. The responsible drivers and modules all seem to have similar names, so beware!

Just to see whether the Virtual / Cable MIDI ports are working under Linux, first try running a Linux app to use them as its output. If you don't have one, try "KMid" ?

If the port works with a Linux app, then you know it's not a Wine issue, because I think that to the applications the ports all 'look' the same.

BTW, I only have my own MIDI server, no cables yet, on my own PC.

Secondly, I'm not sure whether I can recognize which Wine driver you're referring to as "wineaseo" ?  I do know that Wine makes no promise to emulate Windows-installed drivers. So if you installed drivers specifically for use with Wine - again - beware. Wine is based entirely on the assumption, of using Linux drivers, to make them look like Windows resources. And the FAQ seems to say, that the only exception planned for the future, may be printers ?

Anyhow, I hope you get it sorted out.

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