[Wine] Re: Using Linux Virtual Midi with WINE does not work

ggoode.sa wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Nov 28 13:19:10 CST 2008

Hi Dirk and others,

The custom audio driver is 'wineasio' (ASIO driver for WINE). You can do a google for wineasio and find out more if you need to. This allows high level ASIO audio input and output via the Jack Audio Connection Kit server.

Running 'modprobe snd-virmidi index=1' configures the virtual midi ports (1-4) for me. Linux Apps can use the ports with No Problem. Wine Apps can't.
This is regardless of whether I'm using the plain ALSA sound, JACK sound, or wineasio. All my other MIDI devices work perfectly. The snd-virmidi devices show up in Wine Apps, they just don't work - no MIDI data transferred.


Graham Goode

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