[Wine] Re: debug log.txt

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Oct 27 23:53:34 CDT 2009

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> Code:
> $ se & >x.txt 

You have an extra space between "&" and ">". Drop it and see what happens.

And just in case you didn't look at 'man bash', here's the part you should have looked for:

>    Redirecting Standard Output and Standard Error
>        Bash allows both the standard output (file descriptor 1) and the standard error output (file descriptor 2) to be redirected to  the
>        file whose name is the expansion of word with this construct.
>        There are two formats for redirecting standard output and standard error:
>               &>word
>        and
>               >&word
>        Of the two forms, the first is preferred.  This is semantically equivalent to
>               >word 2>&1

flyfisherman wrote:
> "c:\program files\sierra\fear\fear.exe" >log.txt 2>errlog.txt gives me an empty log.txt file. errlog.txt gives me data but i don't know what to do with it. from my terminal, not the wine console i get this after executing the command in wine console

Make sure Wine is not running (run "wineserver -k"). Then run your game. If it still crashes, try with new wineprefix (or rename ~/.wine directory) and reinstall the game. See AppDB for any HOWTOs related to the program you are running

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