[Wine] Re: Winepath on Mac

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Apr 15 17:09:32 CDT 2010

tpatko wrote:
> The path that you find acceptable:
> /Users/doh123/.wine/dosdevices/z:/Applications/Folder/File.txt 
> is NOT acceptable when trying to pass this string as a file path parameter to a native Mac program (see above).

sure it works fine command line as a path.... if you escape the colon, or use single quotes... otherwise the colon will throw it off.

if your like getting that string, and pulling it into a string variable, you can do some simple string manipulation to add a \ in front of the :'s .. or just add single quotes tot he front and back, which would be easier, since you need to already quote it.

What are you actually doing though?  there might be a much better way to find the location you want and not use Winepath at all.

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