[Wine] Thinking of getting wine

theuseless wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 18 04:46:56 CST 2010

:D I realy like what I have read so far about Ubuntu and wine.  I only have one question:

Can I still use mods for Oblivion or Fallout 3?  This is very important to me (I have no life, laugh if you want).  Most mods require you to install to the oblivion/data folder, which I'm fairly certain will still work.  This can be a sub-directory of whatever.  There are a few mods out there however as well as aftermarket programs which require Oblivion to be installed to the default C:/Program Files/Bethesda/Oblivion directory.  Can I run such programs, or would it be possible for me to write a plugin to do this?  Sorry in advance if it is a sin to use windows refs  [Evil or Very Mad] 

I basically know nothing of playing those games on wine, but have seen the videos on youtube and am steering towards this option more and more.

I'm with stupid  [Arrow]  theuseless

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