[Wine] Need help setting up app with Mac OS X Leopard

Alex Zachopoulos alex at zachopoulos.com
Mon Jan 18 10:35:40 CST 2010


Well, I like to establish that on principle, help may be offered on  
the issue at hand!

I got Wine from http://winebottler.kronenberg.org
I didn't know that it matters where I got it from; I thought that Wine  
is Wine. Period. Obviously not the case.
The program is a demo for a Windows utility for engineers in Greece to  
calculate their fees for designing building projects (i.e. homes/ 
offices etc.) according to the fees laws in the country. Doubt whether  
anyone has even imagined there is such a thing outside Greece. It can  
be downloaded from here (after you provide any kind of gibberish in  
the 'Name' and 'email' fields, click on 'Download' on the right): http://www.insoft.gr/downloads.htm 
. You end up with a file called "amo683-setup.exe" which is the  
executable for the Fees Calculation installer on Windows.

Trouble is that under some Wine implementation on my Leopard OS X  
10.5.7 Mac all greek text within the InSoft program look garbled; some  
env parameter of the Wine setup, I'm guessing. Mind you, I don't know  
the first thing about Wine.

Thanks, and apologies for the newbiness. Hope to get rid of it soon.

On Jan 18, 2010, at 6:13 PM, James McKenzie wrote:

> Alex Zachopoulos wrote:
>> I have d/l Wine and would like to prepare a Windows app to run on
>> Leopard.
>> Any tips for a complete newbie? Nothing seems to happen when I run
>> Wine, other than the little half-full (or is it half-empty?) glass on
>> the menu bar.
> Nice disclaimer.  Worthless but nice...
> You did not mention where you got Wine from nor the program name, so
> attempting to provide assistance may prove futile.  However, you can  
> try
> looking in the Applications Database for assistance for the program.
> For assistance installing and setting up Wine please read the FAQ and
> the MacOSX specific web page.
> James McKenzie

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