[Wine] Re: Wine with Ati 3d Card

iceb wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 24 04:10:05 CDT 2010


Yes that is the thing. I have allready tried to install
the driver u talk about for my ati. I found a guide and followed it.
Make shure it was the right version and for lnux not windows too.....
I tried this 2 times but everytime i tried I got big problems right after installing the driver. First I got small graphics problem like i desribed
but then I was locked out of the ubuntu system and I could not
log back on again right after I installed this very driver.

So no it does not work installing it like u describe.

So is there another way to install it ?

Linux is the most stable os ever. I have not had any problems 
running everything inclubding running windows aps on wine....

The only place in linux I have problems is with this.

So everything points to this very driver......

Now the driver is disabled and everything works and
I do not get graphics problems or freezing or stuttering.

Is there maybe a patch for this driver or for linux 
to work better with it ?

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