[Wine] Diablo 2 issue with direct3d

lanzd wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Oct 23 13:03:15 CDT 2011

I'm running wine 1.2.2 and used the blizzard installer while downloading everything off of their site for d2 - No expansion yet. I tried to run d2 to make sure its working up to this point before I continue to install lod. I get an error that goes like this:

Error 25: A critical error has occurred while initializing Direct3D.

I thought wine didn't support direct3D and that was why I was forced to play world of warcraft in opengl mode. I also read that d2 doesn't have support for opengl mode due to blizzard not finishing it and ending up taking it out completely despite leaving the tag there. I've read the issue has to due with the dlls I have and I think I need to copy the right ones to my diablo directory (I have no idea what dll files are for). I tried running the D2VidTst.exe and after it runs the test the output says that "No video modes are found". I hope the solution is as easy as going into the wine config and specifying a specific dll override but I'm not sure which one to use (if it is even a solution). I'm not sure if these assumptions are correct or not. Can someone help me understand the problem and help point me in the right direction to fixing it.

Thank you, lanzd

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