[Wine] The Wisdom of the Crowd and Wine Critic Ratings

damier wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Sep 16 02:31:51 CDT 2011

I think one of the more interesting phenomena in the world of wine that has arisen in the past five years is the emergence of a group known as the American Association of Wine Economists. I must admit, when I first saw the announcement of their existence, I assumed it was just some economists having a good time and looking for an excuse to drink some more wine.http://chloehandbagsspring2011.com

But then the papers started to be published, and now the AAWE has made it clear that they're quite serious in trying to apply the dark arts of statistics and economics to the world of wine -- a world that can increasingly be quantified and examined thanks to rafts of data available online.http://chloehandbagsspring2011.com

The associations publications can often be met with controversy or criticism, and that's putting it a little mildly. I've heard one wine writer refer to their work as utterly fraudulent, and read many a lambasting blog post aiming to criticize the mathematics behind their work.

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