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Beartooth beartooth at comcast.net
Tue Jul 7 14:17:23 CDT 2015

On Tue, 07 Jul 2015 15:04:55 +0200, Klaus-Peter Schrage wrote:

> You probably searched the Wine application database
> (https://appdb.winehq.org/) to find out that there hasn't been much
> progress recently with Garmin applications (I tried to install BaseCamp
> and MapSource into wine, neither with much success).

	I tried both MapSource and a couple of its more specific sub-
suites, one for roads & towns, and one for hunting/hiking/Appalachian 
Trail, etc. Those were the ones I eventually did get to run, but not to 
talk to any Garmin GPS that I had.

> But did you have a look at QLandkarteGT? It is a native Linux
> application and it is not rocket science to use.  You can load waypoints
> and tracks from a Garmin device to display them on a map, if it is that
> what you want to accomplish. There are a lot of free maps available, it
> is described in the wiki how to load them into QLandkarte.

	I think that's one I did try. It was a lot more user-friendly 
than any other I found, and I was even getting info and explanations from 
the chief developer, for a while. Then my questions got so elementary 
that he suspected me (he said) of trolling. I assured him both I and my 
questions were real -- but I also got out of his hair, and let that dog 
lie. This was a few years ago. I'll look again.

	A friend on a private list reports he's "had excellent
   luck with iGage software running under Wine."

	Another on the same list says "Let me look into this.  Given my 
line of work, this is right up my alley."

	Stay tuned.

> Older Garmin serial devices seem to be supported, but I could not try
> that because I only have an USB device (Dakota 20).

	I have an Etrex and a pair of Rinos, but I'm thinking of getting 
a Montana, primarily for the color display and the USB plug. (I tried 
every kind of serial to USB adapter I could get, without success.)

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