Proposing a talk about WineTestBot

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sun Nov 11 22:09:47 CST 2012

So as I said recently on wine-devel (*) I think it would be interesting 
to have a talk about the new WineTestBot.

It could start with a status update and presentation of the new setup. 
Then it could present possible future developments, the related issues 
and open discussion on the role BuildBot should or should not play.

This could also be an opportunity to discuss some policy aspects: when 
to drop an OS from the tested configurations, whether to only test the 
latest service pack, whether to systematically add / update some 
packages / libraries like msvcrt to their latest version, whether to 
only test in admin/elevated privileges mode, etc.

It would also be an opportunity to review the set of Windows 
configurations that all patches should go through, and for developpers 
to call for more to be added. Though that last part can really already 
be done through Bugzilla or through discussion on wine-devel:

I would also be pretty interested in getting suggestions / insights into 
how to solve some of the technical challenges in testing on real 
hardware. I already got some interesting pointers from Dan but there 
will likely still be unresolved issues. That should maybe happen after 
the presentation so as not to bore everyone with very narrow technical 
aspects though.


Francois Gouget <fgouget at>

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