Wine & the Software Freedom Law Center

May 11, 2005

We are pleased to announce the Software Freedom Law Center will be providing legal counsel to the Wine project. The SFLC stands at the forefront of legal representation for free and open source software. Its distinguished board includes Eben Moglen, Lawrence Lessig, Diane M. Peters, and Daniel J. Weitzner. From the press release:

    "As open source projects are increasingly threatened by excessive litigation, technological successes must be partnered with solid legal principles, said Eben Moglen, chairman of the Software Freedom Law Center. "The Wine Project is a particularly important example. By representing the Wine Project, the Software Freedom Law Center will enable further adoption of the project's benefits and increase confidence among users."

Wine Weekly News Issue 273

May 6, 2005

WWN Issue 273 was released today.

Wine Wiki

May 5, 2005

We've got our own Wiki now! Thanks to Dimi Paun for putting it together the Wine Wiki and hosting it. So far we've put in a user area and a developer area. Feel free to add whatever useful information you think should be on there. This is community driven, we can't do it without your help!

WineConf 2005 Summary

May 3, 2005

A special edition of the Wine Weekly News was released today as a summary of WineConf 2005.

WineConf 2005 Wrap Up

May 1, 2005

WineConf 2005 has wrapped up. Everyone had a great time, albeit pretty tired. We have a bunch of people that really helped out and it's amazing how many people worked on a pretty seamless event. Mr. Ulrich Gemkow with the University of Stuttgart put together the venue and organized the local student organization, Fachschaft Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik (pictured above). Finally, the Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart, David Gümbel with ITOMIG, and Jeremy White of CodeWeavers provided a bunch of behind the scenes support, including financial help. Thanks everyone!

We'll try to post a full summary in a few days. We recorded the presentations, so hopefully we can get those up as well.

Wine Weekly News Issue 271

April 22, 2005

WWN Issue 271 was released today.

WineConf 2005: Coming Soon

April 21, 2005

WineConf 2005 will be descending on Stuttgart next weekend! It's still possible for developers to make last minute travel arrangements.

Wine 20050419 Released

April 19, 2005

Typically development slows as summer approaches, but March showed a lot of new additions. Alexandre released a new version of Wine today:

  • Mailslot support.
  • Support for side mouse buttons (X buttons).
  • More Richedit improvements.
  • Loading of Windows registry files disabled for now.
  • Many code cleanups.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Binary packages are in the process of being built, but the source is available now. You can find out more about this release in the announcement. Check out our download page for packages for your favorite distribution.

Wine Weekly News Issue 270

April 15, 2005

WWN Issue 270 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 269

April 8, 2005

WWN Issue 269 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 268

April 1, 2005

WWN Issue 268 was released today.

CrossOver Office 4.2

March 30, 2005

CodeWeavers announced version 4.2 of CrossOver Office today. This release adds support for EndNote 8, Quicken 2005, QuickBooks 2001-2004 and iTunes 4.7.1. The Server Edition product has been updated as well. Besides the new application support, bug fixes and stability improvements for other applications are included. For more details, see the changelog.

Wine Weekly News Issue 267

March 25, 2005

WWN Issue 267 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 266

March 18, 2005

WWN Issue 266 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 265

March 11, 2005

WWN Issue 265 was released today.

Wine 20050310 Released

March 10, 2005

Alexandre released a new version of Wine today with the following changes noted:

  • Initial implementation of a true Richedit control.
  • Shell extension for browsing Unix directories.
  • More MSI work.
  • PBuffer support in OpenGL.
  • Window painting regressions should be fixed.
  • Lots of bug fixes

Binary packages are in the process of being built, but the source is available now. Read more about this release, or just go download it.

Status Updates

March 7, 2005

In belated news, we've updated some pages on WineHQ. Tom Wickline reviewed and made some changes to Wine's status pages To get a feel for the progress, check out the status page changelog. Dimi Paun went through the to do list and marked a few tasks as complete. Finally, we had a janitorial task marked as complete to use Interlocked functions in AddRef and Release methods.

Wine Weekly News Issue 264

March 4, 2005

WWN Issue 264 was released today.

Independent Sources Confirm Wine Popularity

February 25, 2005

According to Microsoft, Wine ranks as the number one cross-platform API translation technology:

    "As the most popular third-party translation technology in use, Wine was the first emulator to be specifically tested for via WGA" - Microsoft spokesperson

Feel the love.

Wine Weekly News Issue 263

February 25, 2005

WWN Issue 263 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 262

February 18, 2005

WWN Issue 262 was released today.

Microsoft Checks For Wine

February 17, 2005

We're on the radar screen.

Microsoft's new Windows Genuine Advantage program seeks to curb software piracy by allowing downloads only to licensed copies of their operating systems. To do this, an executable named GenuineCheck.exe (MD5 hash = 05499eaa4d4f55af32f5b14561ee7e55) gets downloaded if you go to their website with Firefox. If you happen to look at the strings in that file, you'll notice a reference to a registry key that looks curiously familiar: SOFTWARE\Wine\Wine\Config. That little string, albeit subtle, happens to be the first Wine-specific test Microsoft has made in a program.

Any developers from Redmond wishing to report bugs in Wine are encouraged to use our Bugzilla database.

Wine 20050211 Released

February 11, 2005

This month's CVS snapshot is out. Alexandre noted the following additions:

  • Still more work on the MSI dll.
  • More OLE work, including a builtin stdole32.tlb.
  • Fixed inter-process window resize and repaint.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Binary packages are in the process of being built, but the source is available now. Read more about this release, or just go download it.

Wine Weekly News Issue 261

February 11, 2005

WWN Issue 261 was released today.

Wine Weekly News Issue 260

February 6, 2005

WWN Issue 260 was released today.